Happy 15th Church Anniversary

The Lord has blessed North Cebu Baptist Church with 15 years

15 years of sharing Christ’s Gospel. 15 years of growing relationships with the Savior! To celebrate this great victory, we did something we have never done before. For the first time, we hosted an anniversary party in a Banquet Hall at a nearby hotel. When we first discussed the idea, we expected around 60-80 of our members to attend. But God showed us just how small our faith was. 140 people came, including children and adults!  It was another victory from the Lord. What a blessing to see our people sacrifice and praise the Lord together with their families! 

We pray the Lord will give North Cebu Baptist Church many more years to serve Him!

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  1. ralph

    Amen! To God be the Glory!

  2. Pastor Elbern, Maam Line and Ean

    It is wonderful to serve Christ with His wonderful people.

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