New Missions Goal

Christ’s final words before returning to heaven were 

Go ye into ALL the world, and preach the gospel to EVERY creature.”  

North Cebu Baptist Church attempts to obey this command by sharing Christ with the Filipinos around us and by supporting missionaries abroad. Every year our church comes together to pledge our prayers and financial support to God’s global mission. Our goal this year was Php 45,000. It was a big goal, as our giving last year was around Php 39,700. But Christians took their responsibility to heart and we raised Php 51,000!  All that money goes to Filipino missionaries across the world!  Who knows just how many souls will find salvation because we, as a church, obeyed Christ’s command. 

For sure, we will rejoice in heaven when we meet all the people who were saved because we supported a missionary who preached Christ.  

May God continue to grow our faith and our service!

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